Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dehydrator Recipe - Extra fibre flax crackers

A recipe that requires both a juicer and dehydrator.  If you are thinking of buying either, see my reviews: Stockli dehydratorOmega juicer

So you've got the juicer, and you can make lovely healthy fruit and vegetable juices. But don't you feel a bit miffed about wasting all that lovely fibre that is left over from juicing? Well one way to use it is to add it to your flax cracker recipe. The crackers taste great and all that extra goodness goes in you not the compost bin.

I particularly like to make these when I have a carrot and apple pulp.

Put your pulp (1-2 cups) in a food processor along with:
1 cup flax seeds
1 cup mixed nuts
Salt and black pepper
Herbs or finely chopped garllic if desired
Enough water to make a spreadable paste

Blend until soft and spreadable then spread onto dehydrator sheets or baking paper.
Dehydrate at 40 degrees Celsius for 12 hours. Remove from sheets and turn over onto dehydrator trays and dehydrate for a further 12 hours.


  1. I do a lot of juicing so this is a really helpful post! Xo

  2. I have never thought about using the pulp from juicing, great idea!