Monday, August 3, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

In an effort to get more organised, and save money by buying only what we need, I have decided to have a go at weekly meal planning, so here is this week's:

Monday:  Ham and egg salad
Raspberry pavlova - we have lots of raspberries ready in the garden right now.

Tuesday: Coq au Vin, roast potatoes or roast Arbi (see my post HERE), vegetables
Raspberry ripple ice-cream (made using a simple custard base to use up the egg yolks left from last night's pavlova)

Wednesday: Mushroom risotto - I put my portion out before adding the cheese as I am dairy free (see recipe HERE)
Raspberries and cream (coconut cream for the dairy-free).

Thursday: Nut roast (to use up the rest of the mushrooms from Wednesday) (recipe HERE), with a large green salad or fresh veg if the weather is cool.

Fridsy: Vegetable and Quorn curry with rice (recipe HERE)

Saturday: Gammon done in coke in the slow cooker, served with fresh veg or salad depending on the weather.

Sunday: Roast beef, Yorkshire puds (see my gluten and dairy free recipe HERE), with fresh veg.

I deliberately don't plan my veg in advance as I like to buy what is good value and looks nice on the day. Our local Tesco often have items reduced to about 5p at tea time and I regularly pick up fresh veg for tea and maybe some fruit this way. If there isn't any I can fall back on what is in the freezer.
There will probably be fresh fruit, raspberry ripple ice-cream, or raspberries and cream for dessert on the other evenings if people want some.


  1. This looks like a really good way to plan what you will be cooking x

  2. All your meals sound so delicious! The risotto sounds right up my street. x

  3. Such a good idea! We try hard to plan our meals but shift work gets in the way. We need to try harder! You have such yummy meal ideas!

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