Monday, April 6, 2015

Review - Breatheasy cleaning products

I was lucky enough to win these a while ago. I actually rather like cleaning when I'm in the mood, and definitely enjoy it more if I'm using nice cloths and products.  I do generally use mostly 'green' and natural solutions. Vinegar, bicarb, and lemon juice are top of my list. However, I'm not a  total purist and will occasionally try something new that's a bit more 'commercial'.

My husband is asthmatic and the whole family suffer from various allergies and sensitivites. This is one of the reasons I switched to natural alternatives. However, I have to confess the ease of just being able to pick up a bottle and squirt is rather nice at times.

So, I've had these quite a while and have used them all a fair few times. I'm happy to report that they seem to clean well and have not caused any problems in terms of anyone's allergies. I sometimes use Ecover all purpose spray and the Breatheasy kichen spray and bathroom spray perform about as well as this. The scent is quite mild though I'm not sure I'm too keen on it. But then apart from the Ecover my usual scents come from a few drops of essential oils.  I have really got used to the natural smells and find most synthetic perfumes in any kind of product are not really to my liking. The tile and shower spray does seem to do a better job than an all purpose cleaner.

The one I really do like is the window cleaner. I have used window cleaning products in the past and not been blown away. My normal routine would be soapy water and a little white vinegar. The breatheasy spray is amazing though. A tiny squirt and I have a streak free shiny window in seconds.

So;   I'm personally not happy to ditch my green and natural methods but for anyone who is looking for an alternative to regular cleaning products that are kinder to allergy sufferers I can recommend them and when I'm feeling rushed I do like to be able to clean a window or mirror pretty much instantly.