Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review - Faith in nature

I'm a big fan of natural products. They can however, come with quite a hefty price tag.  For an affordable range I do like Faith in nature.

There's no  SLS, SLES, parabens, GM ingredients, BPA plastic, or synthetic preservatives. You will however find ALS in some products such as the shampoo. This is a gentler surfactent than the SLS and SLES but there are better ones -  at a price.  Surfactents are chemicals that make the product foamy and do  the cleaning by acting as a detergent and wetting agent.  The ones found in most supermarket brands can be skin irritants and may have other negative health implications.  Some people will have problems with ALS, or may choose to avoid all sulfates.  I can't afford to buy top end natural products all the time and I find this range an acceptable compromise. The ALS is from natural sources but of course has been processed.  Both my daughter and I are very sensitive to chemicals. I find Faith in Nature fine, but she has such a sensitive scalp that there are very few shampoos she can use, and she does get sore with these. However, she is fine with their handwash.

I mainly use their shampoos and conditioners. The Jojoba one seems to suit my hair best and it leaves it feeling clean and soft. The chocolate one smells great though and seems to suit my hubby best. He also has sensitive skin and his eczema is irritated by a lot of shampoos but he gets on fine with this.

I do have other natural shampoos and conditioners that I like more but they cost a LOT more. I think the Faith in Nature ones are a really good product for the price.

We all like the hand-wash, and visitors have commented how nice it feels and smells.
I'm particularly keen on the grapefruit and orange scent

They also do a range of cleaning products, but I haven't tried those out as yet.

I have not been approached, or rewarded, by Faith in nature for this post. I am just sharing an honest opinion.