Monday, March 17, 2014

Drying fruit in the dehydrator

Thinly sliced apple and mango ready to go in the dehydrator. The easiest thing to make in this gizmo. Deliccious, healthy, inexpensive snacks, and a great way to use up fruit if you have a glut from the garden or find it on offer. I like to dry mine slowly for about a day and a half to two days at 40 degrees. You can do it faster, at a higher setting,  but probably at the expense of nutrients.

If you haven't seen my Stockli dehydrator, the review is here:

Dehydrator review


  1. Looks good. I have been wondering if it's worth investing in the dehydrator. We have a huge amount of apples in the garden, that would be one way of preserving them.

    1. I have two apple trees and I hate wasting fruit. I do use the dehydrator for making other things - will be adding some recipes. I wouldn't be without mine now.