Friday, November 15, 2013

Omega 8006 Juicer Review

I thought long and hard about investing in a juicer, as this is quite a major expense. My hubby bought me this for Christmas last year so I've had time to well and truly put it through its paces now. We chose this one from UK juicers as all the reviews I had seen were great and it came with a 15 year warranty.

So here is the beast:

First you need to chop fruit and/or veg into pieces that will fit into the tube at the top. It seems to cope fine with stuff that is peeled or not. But sometimes leaving the peel on can make the juice taste bitter - it really is a case of try it and see still for me.

It comes with a plastic plunger thingy that you can use to push them down if you need to: Much of the time stuff just falls through happily, I feed and chop simultaeously to an extent. But it is quicker if you give it a push.

It has 2 plastic containers which fit neatly underneath so that juice falls into one and the remains fall into the other. The left-over fibre can often be used elsewhere - such as in dehydrator crackers. 

The juice is a little thick and frothy - I like it this way - but for my daughter who prefers a clearer juice I use the little strainer that comes with:

After juicing it needs to be dismantled and cleaned. I always have the sink filling with soapy water while I juice. These bits need little more than a swish around in the water:

The auger (which does all the work):

and the mesh sieve do need a bit of a scrub with the brush which also is inculded:

All in all cleaning is not my favourite part but it does only take 5 mintues.

I do find on occasion that a bit of pulp makes its way into the front of the machine, and cleaning that away can be a tad fiddly

I absolutely love this machine though and think it is worth every penny we paid for it, though it cost a whopping £279.  I use it most days and am still experimenting with juice recipes all the time (I will get around to sharing some of these) and find fresh fruit and veg juices absolutely divine and so easy to digest.  I had the opportunity to try out a rival juicer recently, and although it performed quite well, and was about half the price, it reaffirmed for me that this one is the juicer I need in my life. I love it!

And if you would like some juicing ideas: Apple, orange and carrot,  Pineapple, apple and spinach,  Raw lemonade, Ginger Zinger, and Colon Calmer


  1. I do love fresh juice, but I am not sure I would use it enough to warrant that price! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. It did make me flinch when I saw the price. But with a 15 year warranty I reckon it doesn't work out that drastic per year - but only for someone who is a regular juicer. I use mine most days. Thanks for reading. x

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  3. I feed and chop simultaeously to an extent. But it is quicker if you give it a push.juicer

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