Friday, November 15, 2013

Knitted Waistcoat

Finally finished my second knitting project. A cosy waistcoat for the winter. I used Sirdar patten 9400 and I have to say for an 'Easyknit' pattern I found it a bit unclear in places.
For example: 'make a button loop' no mention of how or where. I opted to crochet a chain and swe it on where I though best which seems to have worked but I did find this a little vague. Other places, which were more crucial to the knitting had rather vague instructions too which left me faffing about lining pices up with each other and measuring my body to check how it would work. Got there in the end but found it tricky.

The wool I used is Sirdar Indie in superchunky and I do like this wool and the knitted garment is lovely and cosy.

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