Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm from Yorkshire - Yorkshire Lass T shirt Review

As I have said in my blog Spiel I'm a Yorkshire Woman and love my county. I'm a fan of the facebook page 'I'm from Yorkshire'  A place for like-minded folks to hang out. With well over 30k members, it seems there's quite a few Yorkshire folk who are proud of their heritage. It's a good place to revel in the beautiful scenery we have as many members share their photos. I think it may be a peculiarly Yorkshire speciality to have such a strong sense of belonging and pride in our County.

I was delighted when the page sent me one of their T shirts to review. They sell a range of T shirts all celebrating the Yorkshire identity. You can see the range here:

So here is the one I got (and I'm not looking my best at the moment as I'm recovering, slowly, from a nasty accident - and it's left me rather skinny for now but hopefully by Spring, when it's really T-shirt weather, I will be able to do the T shirt justice):

So what do I think of the T shirt? Well it seems nice enough, the fabric feels soft and comfortable and not too thin, and it's a good bright white.  But there's two tests it needs to pass. Firstly will it wear and wash well?  Wasting brass on something that doesn't last? - never in a month of Sundays!  And secondly, will it be a conversation starter when I'm a Yorkshirewoman abroad - whether over the county border or over the seas?  I'll get back to you on both of those things...

Note - this T-shirt has been provided free of charge for me to review but my thoughts are, and will be, honestly given.

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