Thursday, May 9, 2013

Easy natural body scrubs

Making cheap, natural body scrubs is the easiest thing ever.
Here are two examples, one for the bath and one for the shower:

For the bath:
I  keep this mixture fairly dry as the idea is to stand in the bath and give your skin a good rub and allow the salts mixture to fall into the bath where you can soak in it.

Mix equal parts of sea salt with epsom salts. Epsom salts are wonderful to add to the bath for soaking. They draw toxins out through the skin and the magnesium in them is easily absorbed through the skin. A good reason to be aware of what we put on our bodies is the fact that the skin does absorb an awful lot - think of medical patches. You can buy epsom salts at chemists and garden centres but I use a lot and find them cheapest to buy in bulk on ebay. Now add essential oils of your choice. If you want a relaxing blend to help you sleep, a mixture of rose, jasmine, and lavender is lovely. Pure rose oil is very expensive, and I wouldn't use it for this as I like to add a good amount of oils - let your nose guide you, so I buy a 5% dilution. You can buy pretty jars if you like but I prefer to save money and be a bit greener by re-using whatever glass jars I have saved. If you have dry skin and want more oil without going overboard with the scent add a little almond or olive oil. Just mix well.

For the shower:
I prefer an oilier mix for the shower so it clings to my skin a bit longer and it leaves my skin wonderfully soft.
Also, it is not worthwhile adding epsom salts which are more expensive than sea-salt as they will not be in contact with the skin long enough to be really beneficial, particularly as they are not dissolved when you rub the mixture on. For this job I mix a little coconut oil with sea salt - a mix of fine and course feels most comfortable when rubbing onto the skin. For a nice zingy shower to start the day I like to use citrus oils such as lemon and sweet orange. If the coconut oil is solid, melt it by standing a container in a bowl of hot water. I use about a teaspoon full of oil to a cup of salt. Again add the essential oils to suit your own nose.

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