Sunday, April 7, 2013

In the garden - 07/04/13

Never had such a late start to the gardening year. What a very late spring. Having a bit of a clear out and changing things around this year.

Started clearing the area near the house last winter but the weather turned too cold before I got it as I wanted and despite the cold weather the weeds are doing fine.

The veg plot has been weeded and a single drill of beetroot sown. Not sure whether that was a good idea as the soil cannot be very warm but I have plenty of seeds and not much growing room so might as well risk it. A few seed potatoes  have gone into large pots and indoors I have started a few tomatoes. Not much to see    
as yet. The plastic bottles are meant to deter cats from using my veg patch as a toilet. Does actually seem to work to a degree.

The fruit patches have been weeded and fed but are looking very bare right now. Barely a hint of green yet. Raspberry canes - these were overgrown last year so all cleared back and waiting for something to actually grow now.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Knitted Poncho

The crafting bug has bitten, but I have such a lot to learn.
Here is my first decent sized knitting project. A very easy shape but plenty of knitting, I found it incredibly relaxing to do, and the finished article is the cosiest, snuggliest thing ever. No bad thing with the endless cold weather we seem to be having. 

I bought all my supplies from the Black Sheep Wools. They have a good choice and delivery was prompt.
This is the wool I chose: