Sunday, March 31, 2013

Haw Park Wood

An Easter walk in Haw Park Wood. Very Chilly for Easter I must say, and not much green to be seen yet. Spring feels incredibly late coming.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stockli Dehydrator Review

As someone who likes to incorporate a good proportion of raw food into my diet, though I am by no means a purist, I was keen to get a good dehydrator. The Stockli is actually my second one. The first I bought was about £60 and was a total waste of money. Four times the thermostat burned out with the dehydrator in normal, low temperature, use and I had it replaced. When it was working the temperature was totally erratic and completely unsuitable for preparing raw food dishes. I won't name and shame the company as I gave up even trying to get the problem resolved in the end and just threw it in the bin.

So, I persuaded my dear hubby to invest in a Stockli for me for Christmas. Here it is:

You can see he got me one with both a temperature control and timer and with metal trays. I really like the quality of the mesh trays. This one costs around £140.  They do a slightly cheaper model with plastic trays but I have never seen those in the flesh as it were.

So what can I say? It works beautifully. The fan is audible but not bothersome, a gentle background hum that I find quite soothing. I have checked the temperature many times with a cooking thermometer and it is very accurate. It works great and is easy to clean.

After a while I decided to invest in some paraflex sheets to spread wet mixtures on such as flax cracker mix, as I was a little tired of cutting up square of baking paper. I do think these are a worthwhile addition.

And for those of you wondering what I use it for, there will be recipes, but basically drying fruit and veg (great quality and no additives) making healthy snacks such as kale chips and flax crackers, and I have just got to the stage of experimenting with raw mains and desserts that need a dehydrator for some of the meal.
More recipes to come.

Just a quick Edit as I realised I hadn't mentioned where we got it from. We bought both my Juicer (more on that later) and the dehydrator from here

They were great for delivery and answering my questions prior to purchase. I was intending to wait until I found out how they dealt with any problems before mentioning them, but we haven't had any yet, fingers crossed that remains the case.

Some recipes: Raw lime, ginger and mango pleasecake , Flax crackers